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“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

Interiors with Edge is a new UK based home decor boutique with an ethos rooted in art, design, and philosophy.

We understand that every home has character – that of its owner – and that we as individuals tailor our home decor to reflect us, our needs and our desires. In a world saturated with noise and distractions, it is in our homes that we confidently build our own platform and authority. Whether it’s a somber work of art that reminds us to feel less isolated or sorrowful; maybe a brightly coloured cushion reminding us of the more hopeful sides of human nature, or even a minimalist colour palette that aids in calming our anxiety riddled minds. 

Great decor has a therapeutic effect on the human soul and it can re-open our eyes to the overlooked beauty of the world. Think of a wonderfully designed bowl (like our Franz open work metal bowl – drawing your eye to the singular beauty of an orange sitting inside it, the way Van Gogh’s ‘Still life basket with 6 orange’s’ did.

The company was founded by a Bristol duo with a profound passion for interiors, art and design. This, paired with a philosophical understanding of how and why we anchor our identity in matter, we aim to inspire our customers to bring more art – in whatever form – into their home. Even the smallest of items in our home speak to us; maybe a gold set of cheese knives reminds us how we enjoy entertaining, or the weave of a rattan storage pot lends itself to our wanderlust.

After we bought our first home it became apparent how difficult it was to source beautifully designed decor that truly reflected who we are, without paying a small fortune. Whenever we sourced an item that we liked it was always costly. Understandably, there is always a cost for high level detail associated with great design. However, we thought there could be a happy medium; one where we could pay more accessible prices for items that were imaginative and inspiring. And so we began sourcing items from around the world and the concept of Interiors with Edge was born. 

We have curated stunning, sumptuous collections with design details that will elevate our customer’s spaces; like our Aryana cushion cover with its faux leather and tweed detail against a jacquard base; the undulating curves of our Contortion vase collection, or the way Apollo and Icarus have been re-imagined with a modern punk twist. 

We take pride in bringing luxurious, design-led pieces to our customers. Our collections are thoughtful, intricate in detail, and unlike anything available on the high street or large chains.

We all deserve a home that not only looks good but makes us feel great. 


Interiors with Edge
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